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Del Mp3 Karaoke

Partagicielle  (Sharware)

$20.00 us

Multi langue

DEL MP3 Karaoke will provide users with a karaoke player/editor that will help you sing the lyrics showing up on your computer screen.
Customizable, simple and easy to use, our software combines, reading files who will display the lyrics and music in synch and creating or modifying files necessary to this sychronization.
It's the way our software synchronize the song lyrics with the music, easily and precisly, making our software realy accessible

The version available on our download page is 100% functional, without register and no time limit.

Registration will give you :

• A direct software access, without a License Agreement window on program start-up.
• No more occasional Pop-Up reminding you to support DMK.
• The ability to register Future build Versions of the program.
• A Personalized support.
• You’ll receive Notices through emails for any software updates.
• A Private Section on our website containing exclusive content.
• You’ll have the satisfaction of supporting software development for software like this one.

Version 5 Beta of Del Mp3 Karaoke, Informations et download ICI


Générateur de Galerie Photo


English, Frensh

Photo Gallery Generator is a small application designed to help you create imag albums for all your photos.
When creating, this program will resize your photos automatically according to your settings.
Add title, date, location, description or comments to your photos. Import and export MetaDatas Tags (EXIF, IPTC).
Change the pictures settings (rotate left / right, Brightness / Contrast, Color Balance, Saturation, Grayscale, Negative, Flip Horizontal / Vertical, Add Text, Image Fusion).
Customize your viewing gallery.
Once your gallery is generated you will able to publish it on your web space.



English, Frensh

Using this program, you will be able to view all configurations of your network connections.

Esay fuction of release and renew IP address.



Del Keyboard


English, Frensh

Del Keyboard allows:
 -Play Midi sounds using the keyboard.
 -Associer any type of file to keyboard keys.
 -Connect Your keyboard (electronic piano) on program.
 -View and listen different piano chords.
 -Add chords with editor.


Del Réservation



Del Reservation is a program for managing room reservations.

Perfect for small
Inns, B&B, hotel.,

Del Escrime Inscrition



Del Escrime Inscription is a program that allows you to manage insrciptions a fencing tournament.

Del Badminton



Del Badminton is a program for managing the composition of teams in badminton tournaments.

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